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S-CircEl: Social and Circular Ecosystems with a focus on progression to paid employment

CenSE researchers: Karen Brabant
Duration: February 2021 - January 2023
Funding: ESF, call for Transnationality
Partners: Ellen Delie, Province of East Flanders; Mieke Pieters, The Circular Hub


Goal of this project: To seize the opportunities within the circular transition to (re) activate people at a distance from the labor market in the regular circuit and to increase their chances of a sustainable job, by drawing up competence profiles.

Within this project, we focus on short and medium-skilled profiles with a distance to the labor market. We place an important focus on the social economy. Advancement from the social economy to a sustainable, paid job (in the regular circuit) is and remains a major challenge.

Within this project we look at new opportunities to (re) activate this target group on the (regular) labor market and to increase their chances of a sustainable job. We find this in the growing circular economy, among other things. After all, the transition to a more circular model will - in addition to an ecological and economic added value - also create important social effects, especially in the field of employment. The circular labor market offers opportunities for different levels of education, whereby there is also - and even above all - a demand for short and medium-skilled profiles to help support this transition. Circular economy could therefore boost the sustainable (regular) employment of people at a distance from the labor market.

In this project we focus on 2 bottlenecks:

  • Bottleneck 1: offering and filling (new) sustainable circular jobs
  • Bottleneck 2: setting up new partnerships between managers

Both bottlenecks benefit from mapping out the desired competencies.

Expected output

We formulate 2 objectives in this project:

  • Objective 1: develop competence profiles for circular jobs aimed at the short and medium-skilled at a distance from the labor market
  • Objective 2: to develop a competence model for managers who wish to invest in social circular cooperation and co-creation.
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