Lerende Euregio Scheldemond

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The labor market for technical and care profiles is tight on both sides of the border. Companies have difficulty filling vacancies for technically trained staff, which leads to bottleneck occupations. At the same time, the intake of students in technical education remains insufficient, despite efforts such as the STEM action plan in Flanders and the Dutch Technology Pact.
The Learning Euregio Scheldemond project aims to eliminate the mismatch between education and the labor market within the technology and healthcare sectors. Specifically, efforts are made to make bottleneck training more attractive by means of promotion and to make it clear what the opportunities are on the labor market. The training courses are also qualitatively enhanced by the introduction of workplace learning. For example, there will be experimentation with hybrid forms of learning in various testing grounds. By using business practice as a learning environment, the skills of tomorrow's graduates will better meet the needs of business. Cross-border labor mobility is also promoted through networking, information provision, and competence translation exercises.
With these actions, a broad consortium of 15 partners is committed during three years to a stronger use of the labor potential and a better functioning of the cross-border labor market in the provinces of East Flanders, West Flanders and Zeeland.
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